Christadelphian is a biblical greek word simply meaning “Brethren in Christ”. Christadelphians teach and endeavor to live the gospel or good news that Jesus Christ taught and lived when he walked the earth almost 2000 years ago. By using the Bible as an authority rather than Church teaching and tradition, Christadelphians profess a faith lost by the other churches, a faith the Apostle Paul termed “The Hope of Israel”.

We are a small group of Bible believers which meet weekly for our service in Thousand Oaks.  Feel free to come and visit us during one of our classes, where you won’t be emotionally pushed into conversion; Christadelphians put much more emphasis on reasoning from the Bible and a faith based on proven facts.

You are invited to our upcoming Ecclesial Classes:

Wednesday evenings 7:30 to 8:30 PM at 101 E. Wilbur Rd. All are welcome.

Presentations cover basic first principle doctrines, prophecy, and moral issues from a Bible perspective. Presentations are open to the public and no collection is taken. Visitors are invited to stay after the session and ask questions.

Come join us for warm fellowship around God’s word! A sincere welcome awaits you!